International Lineman's Rodeo

International Lineman's Rodeo

September 28, 2019

We're looking forward to being at the 36th Annual International Lineman’s Rodeo & Expo in Overland Park, Kansas this year on October 16-19, 2019. This unique event brings in lineman from around the world to show off their skills in the Lineman's Rodeo Competition. In addition to the competition, attendees will get to check out new products and services and network with some of the industry's best. 


This year, the event will boast several safety sessions covering topics from personal injury with Eric Giguere to preparing for hostile events with Stefan Salmonson. These sessions will be on October 16 & 17 and are free for all attendees.


Lineworkers compete at the International Lineman’s Rodeo (Photo by Denny Gainer)


The competition will heat up on Saturday, October 19 as lineman from all over the world gather to show off their skills. This year, there are four team events and five apprentice events, including hurtman rescue and a pole climb. 


According to the International Lineman's Rodeo website, "The primary purposes of the event is to help maintain a focus on safety and safe work practices, to provide a forum for the public to better understand and recognize the technical craft skills the linemen have, and to provide an opportunity for the professionals craftspeople in the linework trade to receive recognition for their skills. One other purpose has always been for the participants to have fun while sharing work knowledge with others in their trade from different companies and different parts of the country."


Be sure to swing by the HardHatGear team's booth on the 16th and 17th to see the latest in lineman footwear. We look forward to seeing you there!