Spotlight on Prison Blues Apparel

Spotlight on Prison Blues Apparel

October 22, 2019

Prison Blues all started with a plan to meet the costs of incarceration with a federal grant-funded by drug money seizures. In 1989, a 47,000 square foot garment facility was built in Pendelton, Oregon to allow deserving inmates a chance to pay restitution, learn a valuable skill, and build a strong work ethic. Today, workers at the Prison Blues facility design and produce a wide range of products.

Prison Blues logo


The yard shirt, a staple for those looking to do some work around the house or in the field, offers heavy-duty construction and durable denim. This signature shirt is made large, with enough pocket space to carry those extra tools. Prison Blue's yard shirt


Prison Blues double knee work pants are a favorite of farmers, factory workers, truck drivers, loggers, and construction workers. The double knee design and riveted stress points make this a terrific choice for people who work harder than they play!

Prison Blues Double Knee Jeans


Anyone who's worked on a railroad will recognize this traditional hickory stripe material. Durable, comfortable, and oversized, this top-notch quality work shirt is sure to get you through a long day's work in any condition.

Hickory shirt from Prison Blue's


Prison Blues t-shirts are very durable, made of 100% cotton, and are the gear made for anywhere. These shirts are not only produced by inmates, but also designed by them during the annual design and slogan contest.

Prison Blue's t-shirt


The inmates who are fortunate enough to get to work in the Prison Blues factory are paid for their time. They receive around $150 per month after taxes, incarceration costs, victim restitution, and family support. Inmates with good behavior can apply; however, this highly coveted position comes with a long waiting list; some inmates even wait up to three years to interview.


When you purchase Prison Blues apparel, you're supporting American made products and allowing inmates to learn valuable skills so that they become a productive part of society upon release.


You can view our full line of Prison Blues apparel here.