Dentec Safety Serires 100 Silicone Reusable Half Mask Respirator with Diskit P100 Filters


100 Silicone series is molded from pure silicone material with no extra additives, provides incredible comfort and superior fitting capabilities. Simple and quick to clean, particulary in spray paint applications. Rugged durability provides long service life. Available in sizes SM, MED, and LRG.

This Series 100 comes pre-assembled with the DISKIT P100 for OSHA Silica compliance. This unique filtering system offers the lowest profile and best economy. Unique Space Plenums allows the filter to evenly load to the edge, resulting in longer life and lower breathing resistance.

All DENTEC SAFETY products are unique to Dentec and will not fit any other respirators, as no other respirator products will fit DENTEC.

Made in the USA.