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DynaFlex™ Stands for Roll-Up Signs #DF3000W

SKU: DF3000W

UniFlex Part #DF3000W

DynaFlex™ stands for roll-up signs feature steel and aluminum construction for durability and a long service life. Dual heavy duty torsion springs provide stability in gusty wind conditions. DynaFlex™ series of stands display either standard roll-up signs or our popular Fold and Roll™ signs at the standard 12" off the ground. Full size DynaFlex™ stands display roll-up signs at a mounting height of 5' or 7'  and feature a two stage aluminum masts and the RUB3315 sign attachment

- DynaFlex™ stands are MUTCD and NCHRP-350 compliant.
- Compact stands offer two methods of attachment: Screwlock for standard roll-up signs or Stablock for Fold & Roll™ signs. 
   See the sign holder page for more information.
- Heavy duty steel torsion spring system provides a smooth, gliding reaction to wind gusts - no whipping action.
- DF3000 series stands have 22" legs that telescope to 38". DF3003 series stands offer a 30" leg length that telescopes to 51".

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    **Stand Only. Sign and flags not included.**