Rocky ErgoTuff Waterproof Non-Slip Work Boots #5062 (Discontinued)

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Rocky ErgoTuff Waterproof Non-Slip Work Boots #5062 (Discontinued)

There's nothing these tough Rocky boots can't protect you from (except maybe fire, or an alien invasion). They're built with tough construction, solid materials and all the softness your hard-working feet deserve.

From the bottom up, these Rocky slip-resistant boots are built for work. The ErgoTuff soles are made with shock-resistant rubber, stuff that's so good it's used to keep even the biggest semi trucks rolling down the highway.

The slip-resistant tread gives you traction even on wet, slick flooring. An oil-resistant finish protects the tread from corrosive, but common, chemicals.

Above the soles of these Rocky work boots you'll find polyurethane that was used to make an impact-absorbent midsole layer. Polyurethane is lightweight, yet it absorbs more impact than rubber.

Even that isn't enough cushioning for feet that work really hard. That's why there's another layer of softness.

EVA foam footbeds, lined with memory foam, cushion your steps. Space-age memory foam conforms and bends to fit your feet, delivering cushioning right where you need it whenever you need it when you're in these Rocky waterproof boots.

The interior of these non-slip work boots is lined with smooth suede leather. Suede is buttery-soft stuff that feels luxurious, and it creates all-over softness for both your feet.

Through Guaranteed Rocky waterproof construction, every bit of it (along with your feet) will stay dry and warm even in the worst of weather.The brown uppers on these Rocky waterproof boots are built with tough full-grain leather and durable panels of 900 denier fabric.

Full-grain leather is naturally flexible and soft around your feet, but it's tough enough to withstand weather, wear and water. The abrasion-resistant fabric panels provide ventilation while you wear these Rocky boots.

They'll release heat, because feet need to stay cool to stay healthy.Top to bottom, Rocky 5061 Brown Men's ErgoTuff Waterproof Slip-Resistant Work Boots are tough and comfortable, durable and work-ready.