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FallTech Single Leg Lanyard With Rebar Hook #82563(DISCONTINUED)

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FallTech Part #82563

  • Single Leg with 1 Snap Hook and 1 Rebar Hook.
  • Rugged 1" polyester webbing provides extreme UV resistance.
  • Exclusive ViewPack™ design combines integral protection of labels and view-window for inspection of internal energy absorber.
  • Integral label cover to protect warning and inspection labels.
  • Tear-away absorber design limits fall forces to 900 lbs or less.
  • Heavy-duty 1" polyester web construction throughout
  • Energy absorber features patented ViewPack® cover with inspection window.
  • ViewPack® cover also features WrapPack label protection
  • Includes alloy steel snap hook for harness attachment and rebar hook for anchorage connection
  • Rebar hook feature transverse load rated gate
  • Complies with ANSI Z359.13-2013
  • WebbingPolyester; 5,000 lb min. static strength
    Energy AbsorberPolyester tear-away
    ConnectorsPlated alloy steel; 5,000 lb min. static strength with 3,600 lb gate strength
  • Static Strength 5,000 lb min.
    ANSI Lanyard Class 6' free fall
    Max. Arrest Distance 48"
    Avg. Arrest Force 900 lb
    Max. Arrest Force1 ,800 lb
    ANSI User Capacity 130 to 310 lb max.
    OSHA User Capacity 130 to 310 lb max.