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Thorogood Shoe In Charcoal Open Shoe

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SKU: 161-0777-MED

Thorogood Part #
#161-0777-M - Medium 9.5-11 (Men's) 10-11.5 (Women's)    
#161-0777-L - Large 11.5-12 (Men's) 12+ (Women's)    

You can now wear your boots to the beach! Okay, maybe these boot/shoe covers are not meant for your beach getaway. But Shoe-Ins are great for preventing dirt, dust, mud and otherwise frowned on stuff, found on boot/shoe soles from being tracked about residential, business, commercial, etc. sites. Simply slip the Shoe-In over your current boot/shoe.

**Lightweight EVA. Hands Free. No Left/Right. Rinse Off. Two Slip Resisting Rubber Pads. Fits Over Most Shoes or Boots With Unique Patented Design.**

  • Made of high quality EVA material for lasting comfort.
  • Wear with any Shoe In will determine proper fit.
  • If you don't see your size, give us a call!

*No Shoe In should be used for climbing or running as this may pose a potential trip hazard. Do not wear Shoe Ins while driving. Your Shoe In cannot prevent all slips and falls.