Iron Age Forgefighter Metguard Heat Resistant Work Boot IA0120-1(Discontinued)

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SKU: IA0121-9.5W

Men's Dark Brown 10" Heat Resistant Work Boot with Poron® XRD® Internal Met Guard, Composite Toe.

Forged for the forge, so you can always keep your feet in all kinds of heat. Dip-tested in 1273 degree molten aluminum in Michigan and Ontario smelters. If that's not tough enough for you, nothing is.


ASTM F2413

Meets all standards for safety footwear.

Electrical Hazard Protection

Like a second skin. One that protects you from live circuits and wires. Tough against electricity.

Poron® XRD® Internal Met Guard

Extreme impact protection. The harder it hits, the harder it gets. Soft and flexible when you're working, but strong and rigid when you need it to be.

Memory Foam Footbed

Cushiony memory foam forms to your foot shape, helping to relieve back and joint pain every day as well as giving you more cushion with every strike of your heel.

Vibram® Heat Resistant Outsole

Takes 4-digit surface heat so you don't have to.

Kevlar® Stitching

The toughest stitch on the market. Seriously - it'€™s Kevlar.