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Vaughan Pull Saw 13 in. #BS333C


Vaughn Bear saws are made to cut on the pull stroke rather than on the push stroke. The blade removes less material, making sawing easier, faster, and more accurate. Blade is made of durable spring steel and plated for rust resistance. Specially ground, tri-edge teeth are impulse hardened to retain their sharpness. Blade can be removed for replacement or easy storage in toolbox. Blade guard protects teeth when saw is stored.

Product Highlights
  • Used for power tool accessories, blades - other
  • The product is manufactured in Japan
  • Ideal for cutting logs and timbers
  • Smooth pull stroke cutting that virtually eliminates binding and blade buckling
  • Thin, spring steel blade
  • Produces a narrow kerf
  • Impulse hardened to stay sharp teeth