Vulcan Cowboy Hard Hat 6-Point Replacement Suspension #VCB201


Vulcan Part #VCB201

  • Replacement for VCB200 Vulcan Ratchet 6 Point Hard Hats.
  • Adjustable to sizes 6 to 7 7/8.
  • 6 Point woven nylon web - crown strap system that acts as a rugged shock absorbent, with a "dial your size" to precisely personalize, adjustable ratchet sizing system.
  • Included FREE - a detachable plush cotton terry, laminated over soft foam, front Sweatband to enhance comfort and snug sizing without leaving marks on forehead.
  • For proper inspection and maintenance, Vulcan VCB201 Suspension includes a permanently embossed date of manufacture.
  • The expected service life of a hard hat suspension is considered 1 year of regular use, or longer when used intermittently.
  • Perspiration and hair oils can speed up the deterioration of suspension materials.
  • Be sure to look closely for cracks, tearing, fraying or if the suspension system no longer holds the hard hat from 1" to 1 1/4" away from the head.
**(Replacement suspension for Vulcan cowboy hard hat only)**