Atlas Tomahawk Long-Nek Chipping Hammer

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Atlas Tomahawk® Long-Nek Chipping Hammer with hickory handle features a cone and cross chisel head style. 12" Hammer with 7 3/4" stainless steel head is manufactured under rigid standards to deliver the premier quality. Deep neck steel head design offers greater handle support and protection from splinter while working over edges. Mill certified forging grade steel assures product integrity, head strength and durability Forged steel heads are cross-pinned to steel shafts heads won't fly off Black oxide finish on heads and shafts unlike paint, it will not chip, peel, flake or contaminate the weld Hickory handles are shaped for directional, no-slip feel Long neck heads on wood handles avoid splintering when working over edges Wide chisel blades and slim taper cones provide long service life