Big Bill Flashtrap® Ventilated Button Down FR Shirt #1117US7

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Westex UltraSoft® Flashtrap® Innovative Ventilated Shirt

Features PATENTED Specially Designed Ventilated Traps Made of FR Mesh
The ventilated traps that are located along the back  are specially designed in a manner that does NOT expose your skin, keeping you protected from arc flash or flash fire exposure. No debris can enter the shirt. The fashion in which the ventilated traps are constructed includes a double layer of fabric, folded to create the ventilated trap, increasing the protection, making a safer shirt. The FR Mesh located between the folded double layer of fabric allows cool air to circulate into your shirt, pushing out hot air, creating a ventilation system.


7 oz Westex™ Ultrasoft®
88% Cotton 12% Nylon

Banded collar with pelon and stays 
Hemmed front with button closure
2 front chest pockets with flap and button closure 
Back yoke
Mesh FR on back (flashtrap®)
High resistance nomex® thread
Bar-tacked at all stress points

NFPA 70E / CSA Z462 / ASTM F1506 / NFPA 2112
Arc Rated:  8.7 Calories/cm2
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