MSA White Skullgard Cap Hard Hat #475396

SKU: 475396

MSA Part #475396

  • Tested for temperatures up to 350F
  • Fas-Trac Liner
  • Size: Medium
  • Meets or requirements for a Type I helmet outlined in ANSI Z89.1-2003, Class G (electrical, low voltage).

Please be aware that the exterior of the cap is painted and may chip.

Heat-resisting front-brim hard hats (Type 1, Class G) are used in high-heat applications such as metalworking, forging, welding, and smelting. They are classified as ANSI Type 1, which indicates head protection for impacts on the top of the head, and they are Class G to provide low-voltage protection up to 2.2KV. These hard hats are constructed of heat-resistant material that resists damage when exposed to high temperatures. The front brim reduces glare and shades the eyes from overhead sun.