Jobsite Heavy Duty Boot Insoles(DISCONTINUED)

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Jobsite Part 
    • This insole is durable and lightweight for active walking, standing, hiking, working, hunting and other rugged activities.
    • The wider-profile design gives comfort and support to all active footwear, shoes and boots.
    • Durable, lightweight, poly-foam base supports active foot motion and improves your agility.
    • Extra support arch area absorbs foot shock and holds your foot in its natural alignment for better stability.
    • Deep-cushioned heel cup anchors your heel and reduces friction from side-to-side foot movement.
    • Reinforced metatarsal area gently massages the ball of your foot to prevent cramping and bruising.
    • Top cover wicks away sweat and "breathes" air through your shoe to cool your foot. Polyester fabric is odor fighting, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.